Annual Haw River Holiday T-Shirt Sale Begins!

December 3 through December 19

HRA’s office is  transformed in December to a holiday shop with 24 years of Haw River critter shirts designed by Clyde Jones, Bynum’s world famous folk artist. The new 2015 shirts (The Spotted Salamander!) will be available, as well as copies of “Down Along the Haw”  by Anne Cassebaum, and “Small Stories, Big Changes ” by Lyle Estill, river notecards and “Haw River Voices” CD.
Prices on shirts as low as $5 and $10!
t-shirts at office   salamander

NOW through  Friday December 19
10 am – to 5 pm, weekdays  (
call first if you want to make sure we aren’t out at a meeting (919) 542-5790

and Sat. Dec. 13   10 am to 3 pm

HRA office location:
199 Bynum Hill in Bynum (a Pittsboro 27312 address)
Call or email us: (919) 542-5790 or info@hawriver.org

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Saxapahaw - transformation of a mill village on the Haw

Mac Jordan, grandson of B. Everett Jordan (mill owner and  US Senator) grew up in Saxapahaw and has been the guiding force behind the village’s transformation from mill  village to a thriving arts, food  and music community.  He presented a slide show at our Annual Meeting on Nov. 2 that captures the past and present in photos. Click on this link to view:  SaxapahawHRA2014

Picture1Another look at  history, conservation and tourism can be seen in a video created by Elon Univeristy students, Haw River  Then and Now  http://www.cdonohue.com/haw-river-then-now/

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Chatham Park Development- New Public Hearing

Pittsboro Matters Lawsuit Forces Chatham Park Investors to Seek New Re-Zoning Request





Click here to read HRA’s comments to Town of Pittsboro 

Pittsboro Matter’s lawsuit challenging significant deficiencies in the June re-zoning approval for Chatham Park has resulted in the developers having to undergo a new re-zoning authorization. as they seek to add 48 new acres to the project and change language in the Master Plan.

This action requires a new series of reviews, starting with a public hearing set for November 24.  Following this public hearing, the revised plan will be subject to reviews by the Pittsboro Town Planning Board and Board of Commissioners. The Town Board has the authority to make changes to the revised plan before proceeding with any new re-zoning authorization. They could reconsider previous recommendations to designate 30% of the development as natural areas, and impose a 2000-foot buffer along the Haw River as the town’s land use plan recommends.  HRA has urged much greater protections of stream buffers and forests for this massive development adjacent to the Haw River and Jordan Lake

CPI is seeking authorization for a massive development on the edge of Pittsboro and adjacent to the Haw River and Jordan Lake, which supply drinking water to Pittsboro and the Triangle. Current plans call for up to 22,000 homes (to house 55,000 people) and 22 million square feet of commercial space. Chatham Park would increase Pittsboro’s population 15-fold, transforming it into a new city the size of Chapel Hill. The proposed commercial space alone is 16 times greater than the shopping space of South Point Mall.

The revised master plan is available on Pittsboro Matters website: http://pittsboromatters.org/CPI-masterplan.pdf
Written comments may also be sent to the Town Board of Commissioners and Planning Board Members via email.

To read the full Pittsboro Matters Position Paper on eight critical points that need to be re-addressed by the town–and to see the Haw River Assembly slide show about the need for “Conservation of Critical Environmental Resources in Chatham Park”  go to:  pittsboromatters.org    (bottom of front page)

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NC People Speak Against Fracking Dangers

New legislation  signed by Governor McCrory lifts the moratorium on fracking and will allow permits for drilling to be issued starting in 2015, with no final vote by the legislature or review of the new fracking laws that are supposed to protect North Carolina from this risky and polluting industry.  The draft fracking rules are too weak to protect people, land and our waters — and put the costs on us instead of industry.

The legislature and Governor have broken their promise. Hundreds of people spoke against fracking at the public hearings in August and September. Over 100,000 people sent written comments to the  Mining and Energy Commission telling them why these rules will not protect us from fracking dangers.  Here are the comments that HRA sent the MEC, co-signed by the other Riverkeepers in NC. 

On October 14, members of Frack Free NC delivered petitions to Governor McCrory signed by over 59,000 North Carolinians asking the state to BAN FRACKING.

The people have spoken – is the state listening?

 Want to learn more about how fracking could impact North Carolina’s water and people?  For current information and updates, to sign the petition  and to join with the Haw River Assembly and thousands across NC on this issue, go to the Frack Free NC alliance website    http://frackfreenc.or


Who’s Been Hurt By Fracking and Gas Development in the US? 

 See the truth at  “List of the   Harmed” The oil and gas industry says that reports of well contamination and other impacts of drilling, fracking, wastewater, air contamination and health effects are exaggerated and undocumented. The Pennsylvania Alliance for Clean Water and Air continues to compile the “List of the Harmed” from news reports and contacts across the US. Now including 1,700 reports, each with the names of actual people harmed, their location, the responsible oil and gas operator, and the specific impact, the List also provides web links for further information and media stories.


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2014 Haw River Learning Celebration a Great Success!

HRLC_Bynum_Cyn-20070927-036Over the years many people have given their hearts, hands and spirits to the continual creation of the Haw River Learning Celebration.  This year’s 25th Learning Celebration was a great success and  connected over 1000 4th grade students to this amazing river. Students learned about their “ecological address” and took part in activities along the river of exploration and discovery.explore and discover.

HRLC_Sax_Cyn_Mar-20071004-232The 25th Anniversary Haw River Learning Celebration Program took place this fall from September 20th, 2014 to October 1oth, 2014.  Getting kids outside into nature and inspiring them to be the next generation of conservationists is what it’s truly about! Our volunteer guides use nature as the classroom – and for many children this is their first experience ever, hiking through a forest and along a river. Volunteers give a day or a week of their time an guide students in small groups through activities that explore the woods and river,as well as some of its unique history, all through hands-on learning experiences that weave science and art into a fun day of learning.

Thank you to ALL our volunteers and to the generous cooks who fed us, and businesses who support us, and each year make this the


(and special thanks to the folks at REI  for the $5000 grant and camp supplies that helped us put on such a successful the Learning Celebration this year)

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