What's Ahead in 2016...Plans and Resolutions!

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We’ll focus on the Lower Haw River State Natural Area with hikes and paddle trips –next hike is on Sunday, February 21 ……..The Haw River Clean-Up-A-Thon is scheduled for March 19th – come join a team….Stream monitoring with our awesome volunteer Haw River Watch teams, with next monitoring weekend in March.

We’ll continue to work to stop fracking in NC…. support efforts to clean up coal ash without harming new communities where the ash is being dumped (such as Chatham and Lee)…get more attention and discussion of concerns we raised in the “Sludge in Our Waters” report….defend riparian buffers and other clean water protections that the legislature wants to take away…and get the Solarbees removed from Jordan Lake.

Be part of these great events and efforts and join HRA today!



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Jordan Lake Solarbees Get Failing Grade

No Improvement in Water Quality


The state has released its first assessment on whether Solarbees are improving water quality in the Morgan Creek and Haw River Arms of Jordan Lake. The results for the August 2014 – August 2015 period showed no change in the amount of cholorphyll a, and the pH has actually gotten worse. There was also no change in the amounts of bluegreen or green algae compared to control areas. “These preliminary results indicate that nutrient related water quality conditions did not significantly improve in areas of the lake where SolarBees were deployed.”    Read the full report

This project, mandated by the legislature with our tax dollars, has never made scientific sense as a solution to reducing algae growth in this vast  14,000 acre reservoir. It does nothing to stop the nutrient pollution that is flowing in  from upstream sources,  -the real problem – but keeps it flowing downriver into the Cape Fear. This past legislative session the General Assembly extended this costly folly until 2018, while delaying efforts to reduce pollution flowing into Jordan Lake.  This project needs to end now.

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Sludge in Our Waters

“Sludge In Our Waters” is a new report that investigates how industrial chemicals in some municipal wastewater sewage sludge applied to farmland are contaminating surface waters in North Carolina.

Sludge in our Waters

Elaine Chiosso, Haw Riverkeeper and Sam Perkins, Catawba Riverkeeper are the co-authors.  Accompanying the report is a new mapping tool that shows locations of permitted sludge fields in North Carolina; the map also has an overlay of river basins and other features. The report is intended to inform the public and policy makers about the potential pathways to human and environmental contamination from sludge applications,with recommendations for changing our current practices.

Read the Press Release here.


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1,4-Dioxane in Haw River

And in Pittsboro’s Drinking Water

View the Powerpoint presentation given by Dr. Detlef Knappe from NCSU Pittsboro Town Board on Sept. 28 Dr. Detlef Knappe of NC State University presented his research concerning the presence of 1,4-Dioxane, an industrial solvent, in Pittsboro’s drinking water, which uses the Haw River as its source. Current treatment methods are not sufficient to remove this contaminant, which could have long-term risk factors.  Dr. Knappe will also discussed  what is known to date about the possible upriver source of this chemical.

You can also view a National Science Foundation video on Dr. Knappe’s research on 1,4-Dioxane in the Haw River at http://www.nsf.gov/…/science_nation/capefearwatershed.jsp     Read a 2014 EPA factsheet about 1,4-Dioxane online.at the EPA website.

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We had a great HRA Annual Membership Meeting!

A big thanks to Mike Dunn,  for leading the hike on the Haw – follow his blog of amazing nature photos and stories and news of his guided nature trips at Roads End Naturalist.  And many thanks to Cynthia Crossen and Lea Clayton of Stellaria for  beautiful music!  Welcome to our new Board of Directors members, Ayo Wilson and Bernadette Howell and much appreciation to all our returning Board members.

If you missed the meeting you can still see the Haw Riverkeeper’s slide presentation of issues and updates about the Haw River at  http://hawriver.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Annual-Meeting-2015-slideshow-for-website.pdf

If you are not getting email updates from us for events and issues – sign up for our E-newsletter by sending a message to info@hawriver.org   with the subject line “Subscribe”

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